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The Cosmic Ledger

April 14, 2013

Cosmic Ledger

The Cosmic Ledger

The Universe is a very balanced place operating with very strict laws that allow us to know exactly how things will react at any given time. We can even know where planets and stars will be placed in the heavens hundreds of years in advance.

What does this have to do with ledgers you might ask? Well along with these rules comes energy. We all know that energy as such cannot be destroyed it moves from one type to another, constantly affecting and influencing other atoms in its wake.

Everything uses or contains energy. Even your thoughts and actions. As I’ve written before if you leave things undone this can cause you to leak energy which can result in you experiencing a multitude of negative emotions. This can in turn lead on to resulting in creating blockages in your life, whether emotional, spiritual of physical.

For example if you hold onto your money and don’t pay your bills as soon a they come in because you feel like you don’t have enough money to pay them, what are your telling your unconscious mind? You’re telling it that you don’t have money.

The prime directive of the unconscious mind is to provide for all of our needs and desires, these are defined by our thoughts. The unconscious mind is also quite lazy, think of it like a seven year old child. It will do the easiest thing possible to create the world about which you are thinking, so if its instructions are I don’t have enough money to pay these bills yet then guess what? You won’t have!

There are a couple of other factors to consider here too. If you hold on tight to your money, this can cause lots of other problems, one of which is blockages in your life. These can be financial blockages or emotional ones. You can feel stressed or guilty when spending money on yourself which you have earned yourself so there should not be guilt there. The emotions you are feeling are totally inappropriate to the situation.

It can also cause relationship problems as you can transmute this control of finances into other area of you life and end up being very controlling in your relationships which blocks the flow of feelings between two people and can often cause deep seated resentments to establish themselves which can be very unhealthy for both parties.

Also by holding on tight to your money you are are
stopping the natural flow of wealth from occurring. Think of it like stopping up a river with a dam. The natural cycle of flowing in and out can no longer happen so your very fear of lack of money actuated into reality. Also you will often end up with a huge pile of outstanding bills which can seem totally insurmountable in one lump as opposed to having paid they slowly one by one as they appeared.

Also By paying your bills as they come in you are saying to your unconscious mind that you have plenty of money to cover these and so you will find that money and wealth will flow into your accounts too. You will banish the worries of lack of funds and the feelings of guilt that can way you down when you are focusing your attention on things left undone.

Now all of the above is not to be confused with really not having any money, and I’m certainly not advocating getting yourself into debt. This is more about the illusion of lack rather than a reality.

Those of you reading this article who are experiencing a physical lack may be interested in reading my later blog discussing ways of changing this current situation which you find yourself in for the better.

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