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Tips from Wolf Consutlancy

April 13, 2012

If you are one of those people who spend a lot of time in your car driving from client to client or are just naturally a bit disorganised and spend time searching for bank statements or other important documents whenever you do your accounts or get them ready for your accountant or bookkeeper, then a good tip is to keep a plastic tub in your car and whenever you get a receipt put it in the tub. Remember to empty your purse or wallet receipts into this tub every week.
This way all receipts are together when you need them, you can also have a larger box in your office or at home that you always put your post into when it arrives.
Simple practices like this will save you time and greatly reduce your stress levels.

How we have helped one client..

One of our clients was recommended to me and I inherited them with a very untidy accounting history.  Their previous bookkeeper and accountant never asked them any questions about their accounts and hence their records were incomplete and inaccurate. 
It took us a little while to get everything straight but now their accounts are represented accurately and their business is also now showing that they have made a profit as previously many assets had been entered into the profit and loss side of their accounts.
This has enabled our client to obtain funding to further grow their business.  Our client was so impressed with our service that they have asked us to undertake all of their credit control, thus ensuring a much healthier cash flow and also make all of their bank payments to supplier for them, saving them time and ensuring that their company is never put on stop with their suppliers which used to cause them problems when they needed to obtain goods and services in a hurry.
For this client in particular, the time that we have saved them in fire fighting, coupled with the more efficient running of the accounting side of their business has helped them tremendously and freed them up to be able to concentrate on working on their business rather than drowning in it.

We provide support services so you can focus on your business
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