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Credit Control Advice from Wolf Consultancy

April 13, 2012

Here are my tips on Getting Paid by your customers:

  • when you make the call ensure you are in the right frame of mind.
  • Be happy and positive and this will be reflected in your voice.
  • Ask your client if they were happy with the job, if not solve the problem immediately.
  • If the answer is “yes” remind them that the invoice is overdue, that this must be an oversight on their part and would they like to make a payment now by card or bacs.


Getting paid by your customers
This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of running a small business. You do a fantastic job and they take ages to pay you.  Sound familiar?
All small business owners face common issues when chasing money:


  • its personal causing feelings of resentment
  • you become loathe to spoil your relationship with the customer
  • you spend too much time chasing money, worrying about your bank balance and paying your suppliers
  • you don’t spend enough time focussing on developing your business


Still having problems getting the money in?


If chasing money is still a time consuming problem consider outsourcing your credit control.
Wolf Consultancy offer this as part of our overall bookkeeping and accountancy services or as a single service to clients.  It saves you time and ensures that you keep your cash flow nice and healthy leaving you free to continue to grow your business.
What makes us different:
At the moment we are in the process of assisting one of our long term clients, who has recently had a baby, to sell her business.
We have met with the potential buyer and answered all of their questions and also advised them of potential new marketing and sales opportunities should they decide to go ahead with the purchase, to ensure its continued success and growth.
We have discussed the benefits of buying an established business with a proven track record, as opposed to setting up a new business from scratch and have given them all of the financial information that they need to discuss how to take things further.
Our client is secure in the knowledge that we will do our very best to get the sale finalised at the right price, so that she can get on with the important task of spending time with her new baby.




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